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Mugen MVVM Toolkit ReSharper is a ReSharper plugin that helps with development in the following fields:
  • The ability to automatically implement the IView interface.
  • The ability to navigate from view to view model and from view model to view. By now, ReSharper plugins are not able to register hotkeys after installation (because of VS integration issues). You can assign keyboard shortcut manually by using VisualStudio's Tools - Options - Environment - Keyboard dialog, just find "ReSharper_GoToViewViewModel" action.
  • The ability to add design data context (d:DataContext) depending on the ViewModel or PageViewModel attribute.
  • Make classes to inherits from classes that marked by BaseViewModel attribute.
  • Make classes to implements the interfaces that marked by BaseView attribute.
  • The ability to auto-complete and validate model properties.
  • The ability to wrap a view model to a custom wrapper.
  • The ability to auto-implement the ICloseableViewModel and INotifyViewModelClosing interfaces.
  • Expose model properties as view model ones.
  • Analyzer for Task members that was not handled by using the WithBusyIndicator method.
  • Check for arguments using the Should class.
  • Analyzers for specific cases based on Toolkit.

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